The Track

This track has a long story and is under a continuous development...

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we assembled the first 4 lanes track in 1996 and in the same year we started the first tournament of our slot car club... after lot of work it has become as you can see today...


  • Scale: 1:64 also called HO
  • Lanes: 8 (power indipendent, multiple point power supply)
  • Lane and Car Brand: Tyco
  • Overall Size: 5 meters x 2.5 meters
  • Lane lenght: about 22 meters each


  • Wall Projector for race results
  • 4 Original Tyco lap counter for backup purpose (each one counts two lanes)
  • "Race Coordinator" Race Management System with IR bridge and false start detection/power shut off;
  • Realistic F1 pass by sounds and realistic F1 race start sounds.


  • 1996: First 4 lanes track (just leaned on the ground)
  • 1998: The track was moved on a wooden frame and attached to it (still on the ground)
  • 1999: The frame was lifted up
  • 2001: Engine sound sinchronized with each controller
  • 2002: New starting system
  • 2002->2004: landscape, track, cars emprovements
  • 2008: Added the 5th and the 6th lane (almost everything was unmounted and mounted again)
  • 2008: A new earthquake proof frame :)
  • 2008: New wirings with an optimal electrical distribution over the track
  • 2009: First 6 players championship
  • 2010: First 9 players championship
  • 2012: New way of shifting lanes
  • 2014: First implementation of UR3 (Ultimate Racer 3) race management system
  • 2014: First 8 lanes 10 pilots championship
  • 2015: First 12 pilots championship
  • 2015: First full implementation of UR3 pilot names to check positions and to cut power supply
  • 2018: Migration to "Race Coordinator" race management system